Adsorbtech PDx Series is specifically designed for applications that require either pure Nitrogen Gas (99.99995% or 0.50 ppm), and Hydrogen gas as per the application. The PDx Series utilizes Ammonia gas (NH3) to attain such high gas purity levels as it is commercially and technically unviable to generate 0.5 ppm pure Nitrogen directly from Compressed Air. Based on PSA technology and integrated with an Ammonia Cracking Furnace, Adsorbtech PDx Series is the safest and most efficient partner for your Nitrogen and Nitrogen-Hydrogen gas requirement. Each unit is customized to meet your exact parameters.

Company Record : Adsorbtech PDx Series has been delivering 0.50 ppm pure uninterrupted nitrogen gas for 9 years for Continuous Sintering Furnace.

We well understand the importance of instrument accuracy in such high purity gas applications. Thus, we developed Adsorbtech Gas Analyzers that have a least count of 0.01 ppm to assure our clients of continuous and on-line N2 purity.


2x Safety Interlocking


Automatic Operation


18 Months Payback


0.50 Ppm Pure N2

Ergonomic Design

Save expensive floor space

Consistent Purity

With online monitoring

100% Customized

Tailor-made for your application

Highest Safety

Zero Accidents to Date

Automatic Operation

Save on manpower

Low Maintenance

Long-term savings

Working of Adsorbtech PDx Series:

  1. Adsorbtech CAT Unit : For pure and dry compressed air to generate Nitrogen with maximum efficiency.(Explore CAT Unit Series : the only way to generate pure and dry compressed air)
  2. Nitrogen Generation PDx Module : PSA technology-based module that employs Carbon Molecular Sieve to generate Nitrogen gas from dry compressed air
  3. Ammonia Cracking Furnace : As the name suggests, this equipment cracks or disintegrates Ammonia gas (NH3) into its constituents of Nitrogen (N2) and Hydrogen (H2) in the ratio of 1:3. Built with supreme design quality, Adsorbtech Furnaces promise lower power consumption compared to standard furnaces. Safety First : To avoid accidents, Adsorbtech furnaces are designed to achieve a skin temperature of only +10 ºC from the ambient temperature. (Explore Adsorbtech Ammonia Cracking Furnace : introducing unique designs to existing technology)
  4. De Oxo Reactor : This pressure vessel facilitates the reaction between cracked Ammonia and Nitrogen gas wherein the Hydrogen molecules from Cracked Ammonia react with the remaining Oxygen molecules. The reaction employs a Palladium-based catalyst.
  5. Pure Nitrogen of 99.99995% or 0.50 ppm is now available for use.
  6. Gas Dryer : A twin-tower gas drying system is part of the PDx Series that further dries the pure Nitrogen gas. Several heat treatment applications require a Dew Point of (-) 60 to (-) 75ºC, Adsorbtech PDx Series easily achieves this parameter.

PDx Series Technical Specifications

Gas Composition PDx Series
Nitrogen 99.99 to 99.9999%
Oxygen 0.01 to 0.0001 % (or 1 PPM)
Hydrogen / Cracked Ammonia As per requirement
Pressure 0.5 to 60 kg/cm2g
Dew Point (-) 60 to (-) 80℃

Standby 1+1 Equipment

No additional space needed

Integrate with adsorbtech NS Series

For 24/7/365 fail-proof gas supply

2 in 1 Furnace

Unique Feature : Call us to know more

Adsorbtech Achievement : 9 Years of Uninterrupted N2 Gas at 0.50 ppm purity


Our expertise and deep understanding of Heat Treatment applications has led to the safe, aesthetic and efficient development of the PDx Series.

We are the most trusted choice for several applications, processes and industries.

Powder Sintering

Sealed Quench Furnace (SQF)

Vacuum Hardening & Vacuum furnace

Bright Annealing

Brazing (Copper & Brass)

Synthetic Fibre

Bell Furnace & Pit Furnace

Hardening & Tampering

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