Introducing Adsorbtech CAT System 'CAT-S' Content

Packaged turnkey solution including compressors, receivers, Adsorbtech Compressed Air Treatment Unit, and all interconnected piping. CAT-S delivers Dry Air and more. Substantial savings in maintenance and power consumption. Simply plug and play for Dry Air.

CAT System 'CAT-S'


Packaged System

From air compressor to application point.


Zero Downtime

Designed for 24/7/365 running


Significant Power Savings

15% more than industry standard


True Solution

No compromises, no fine prints.

The Adsorbtech Compressed Air Treatment System ‘CAT-S’ is designed to run on lowest power consumption, by saving your compressor from unwanted load hours. 

Once CAT-S is installed, no additional dryer or filter is required in your pipeline. 

Additional compressors can be added for increased capacity. 

Uninterrupted compressed air supply even during service or breakdown of CAT, gives you 100% production uptime.

CAT System Vs CAT Unit Vs Others

CAT System CAT Unit Ref. Dryer Heatless Dryer
Dew Point (℃) Upto -80 Upto -60 -5 to +3 -10 to -20
Incoming Temp. (℃)< Upto 100℃< Upto 100℃< 35 - 40 35 - 40/td>
Pre-piped Yes Yes No No
Virtual Standby Unit(2 in 1 System) Yes No No No
Packaged Solution Yes No No No
Compress air backup facility Yes No No No
Running condition even during service/mantenance Yes, fully operational during service No No No
Pure Loss 3% 3% NA 20-30%
Compact Desing Yes, save more space Yes, save floor space Yes but doesnot deliver Dry Air Haphazard installation requiring 2x space

CAT System Technical Specifications

Dew Point Upto -80
Incoming Temp. Upto 100℃
Outlet Pressure Upto 20kg/cms
Flow 50.0 to 10,000 cfm
Outlet compressed air temp Ambient
Purge Loss 3%
Filter Purification Std design 5 micron (upto 0.01 micron available)

Additional options

We design and customize the CAT-S to meet your exact requirements. Choose from the following add-ons for the complete Pure Dry Air Experience.

  • On-line Dew Point monitoring system
  • Additional Compressed Air Receivers (all capacities available)
  • Stainless Steel (SS 304, SS 316) Fabrication available
  • Aluminium Piping

Adsorbtech CAT System CAT-S: The Future of Compressed Air.

CAT-S Applications

CAT System Is Catering To Several Stringent Processes and change the layout to the same one as applications in HPN series.

CAT System : Pure & Dry Air at Usage Point for 24/7/365 use. Contact us to know more.

Frequently Asked Question

Rising maintenance costs, expensive and unnecessary spares, production downtime and long-term capital expense are common issues.
If the compressed air comes in contact with the product (process air), untreated air can contaminate it, leading to increasing rejection costs and thereby increasing costs for solutions also.
Pipelines carrying the untreated compressed air also contribute to increased costs due to scale formation and shortened life.

Capital: The air compressor comprises the major cost.
Oil-free compressors are substantially more expensive than oil lubricated compressors.

Power: Power usage is the highest cost in the lifetime of a compressed air system. An efficient compressed air system will ensure high utility of the compressor. A key factor in controlling power expense is the purge loss factor of the system.
For example, if a compressed air system generates 100 CFM of compressed air and has 12% purge loss, that means the user only gets 88 CFM air at the outlet of the system for actual use.

Maintenance: Here, maintenance is not just of the air system but also of the pneumatic equipment, product, pipeline that are associated with the compressed air. If the air is wet and improperly treated, all related maintenance costs will go up.

Breakdown: Similar to maintenance, the breakdown cost is tied with the equipment/product/pipeline. A breakdown in the air system could lead to production downtime, spoilage of product and failure of pneumatic equipment.

Your air compressor will work best when kept in a clean and cool environment. The more pollutants in the surroundings, the faster your compressor health declines.

Purge air is clean and dry compressed air that is used to regenerate the CAT Unit. Compared to industry standards (15-25%), the CAT requires only 2-3% of purge air.

You can get Packaged Compressed Air Solution with adsorbtech. We are offering complete A-Z solution from Compressor, Receivers, CAT Unit, piping and valving.
No other dryer or filter is needed after installed adsorbtech Compressed Air Solution.

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