Introducing Adsorbtech NS Series for applications requiring large quantities of nitrogen gas on a fail-proof basis.

A stand-alone PSA Gas Generator is insufficient for such applications. NS Series makes available consistent gas volumes & purities even in situations of power failure, plant maintenance, compressor breakdown. With our rich experience of more than 25 years in the subject and with the help of feedback analysis and in-house R&D, we identified the limitation of on-site gas generation technology. The NS Series is compatible across all combinations of Nitrogen purity and pressure.Get more than just consistent gas supply, get peace of mind.


2 In 1 System


Uninterrupted Nitrogen For Years


Fail-Proof Solutions

NS Customers Get More Than Just Uninterrupted Nitrogen Gas. They Get Peace Of Mind.

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NS Series Is Adaptable To Meet Your Technical Requirements Of Non-Stop And Consistently Pure Nitrogen Gas.

Choose from these add-ons for HPN model:

24×7 Supply:

fail-proof, on-site nitrogen gas generation

Virtual Standby Equipment:

NS comes with 2 Nitrogen Generators in 1 system for 100% uptime


of finances and operational hazards from Liquid Nitrogen supply

100% Uptime:

Gas available for several hours despite power supply failure or plant breakdowns

Easy Operations:

Automatic equipment with best of class instrumentation

Live Monitoring:

Gas purity and analysis available in real time

Consume More Than Produced:

Large gas volumes (2x than installed plant capacity) available at the press of a button

Technical Specifications

Gas Composition All models available in NS Series
Nitrogen 95.0 to 99.9999%
Oxygen 5.0 to 0.0001 % (or 1 PPM)
Hydrogen / Cracked Ammonia As per requirement
Pressure 0.5 to 60 kg/cm2g
Dew Point (-) 40 to (-) 80℃


The HPN Series is the most reliable choice for applications with stringent requirements for Nitrogen.

We understand that pure Nitrogen gas is as important in your application as Oxygen is for life.

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