We understand that Nitrogen is the lifeline of several applications in
Heat Treatment, Pharmaceuticals and Semiconductors.

Expensive equipment and material both require high purity Nitrogen to avoid risk to life and assets.

Adsorbtech HPN Series On-Site Nitrogen Gas Generator is the trusted choice for applications that need High Purity Nitrogen (99.99 to 99.999%). The HPN Series has been developed after years of experience and design.

Adsorbtech HPN Series is the most trusted partner for all sensitive Heat Treatment applications.


5 PPM Pure Nitrogen


Ammonia Not Required


#1 Choice For Heat Treatment


No Permits Needed

No Ammonia needed

Increase your monthly savings

Minimal Utilities

Only electricity and cooling water

Long Term Gains

Nitrogen generation at only Rs. 3 per m3

Consistent Purity

With real time gas monitoring

Automatic Operation

Save on manpower

Packaged Solution

Pre-piped, ready to start

Technical Specifications

Gas Composition HPN Series
Nitrogen 99.91 to 99.999%
Oxygen 0.09 to 0.0001 % (or 10 PPM)
Hydrogen Nil
Ammonia requirement Not required. PPM purity directly from compressed air
Pressure 0.5 to 60 kg/cm2g
Dew Point (-) 51 to (-) 65℃

Choose from these add-ons for HPN model:

100% Uptime

Explore NS Series for 24/7/365 Gas Supply solution

2 in 1 Equipment

Virtual standby plant at fraction of cost

Backup Gas

Store up to 3x your requirement

Future Driven

PLC and HMI integration with Industry 4.0 compatibility

HPN Series : 5 PPM Pure Nitrogen Gas Directly from Compressed Air

Applications & Industries

The HPN Series is the most reliable choice for applications with stringent requirements for Nitrogen.

We understand that pure Nitrogen gas is as important in your application as Oxygen is for life.

Sealed Quench Furnace (SQF)

Vacuum Hardening / Vacuum furnace

High pr. Testing / Flushing (Nitrogen @ 60 kg/cm2g)


Ampoule cleansing

Powder conveying

Injection Moulding

Microbe testing

Product Packing

Reflow Soldering / Wave Soldering

Pigging / Blanketing

Modified Atmosphere

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