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Adsorbtech CMS Series is a widely accepted solution for applications that require inert gas environments.

Based on PSA technology and employing Carbon Molecular Sieve, the CMS Series is a most reliable partner for several applications in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, to name a few.

Technical Specifications Of CMS Series Nitrogen Gas Generator

Gas Composition CMS Series
Nitrogen 95.0 to 99.9%
Oxygen 5.0 to 0.1%
Hydrogen Nil
Pressure 0.5 to 60 kg/cm2g
Dew Point (-) 40 to (-) 50℃


Online Oxygen Gas Analyzer With Auto Venting System

Semi-Automatic Operation

Simplified Maintenance

Space Saving Design

More Options

CMS Series standard features:

Be in complete control of your Nitrogen Supply with Adsorbtech CMS Series

Application & Industries

  • SQF
  • Blanketing
  • Food packaging
  • Blanketing
  • Modified atmosphere
  • Process gas
  • Packaging
  • Inert gas environments
  • Firefighting
  • Non-explosive environments
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair color preservation
  • Back washing
  • Blanketing

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