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We bring to you a pioneering concept with Adsorbtech Leasing Solutions: the most cost effective and result-oriented solution for your air and gas requirement. Adsorbtech Leasing Solutions help you save Capex, manpower, logistics and most importantly, peace of mind. For a fixed monthly cost, we will meet your exact air and gas specifications to provide uninterrupted and consistent supply.

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Adsorbtech Leasing Solutions is successfully operating pan-India, with air and gas supply set up for various industrial processes. Our customers are benefiting from low running costs and expenses, and most importantly peace of mind. We are leasing:

  • Pure & Dry Compressed Air
  • Nitrogen Gas (95.0 to 99.9999% purity)
  • Hydrogen Gas

5 reasons why you should lease:

Nitrogen Gas Leasing Solutions

From commercial grade (95%) to High Purity (1 ppm), we have the most cost-effective solution for Nitrogen gas supply. Nitrogen Gas on Lease ensures 24/7/365 consistent supply of pure Nitrogen gas. Supply is not disrupted in the event of maintenance activities or breakdown/power loss.We are supplying the following gas specifications on lease:

Gas Composition On Lease
Nitrogen 95.0 to 99.9999%
Oxygen 0.50 to 0.0001 % (or 1 PPM)
Hydrogen As per requirement
Flow As per requirement
Pressure 0.5 to 60 kg/cm2g
Dew Point (-) 40 to (-) 80℃
Nitrogen Gas Temp. (-) 10º C to Ambient

Some Of Our Current Leasing Applications:

Copper Tube Bright Annealing

900 nM3/Hr
1 ppm or 99.9999% Pure Nitrogen

Namkeen Food Packaging and Processing

650 nM3/Hr
99.9 % Pure Nitrogen

Selective Soldering and SMT

100 nM3/Hr
99.99 % or 100 PPM Pure Nitrogen

Compressed Air Leasing Solutions

Substantial utility savings of compressed air

Compressed Air is a crucial part of almost any industrial process. More importantly, pure and dry compressed air is vital to keep costs of these processed under control. Our 30 years of experience in the industry has led us to develop adsorbtech Compressed Air Leasing Solutions. 24/7/365 supply of pure, dry Compressed Air at your required specifications.

Using the technology of Adsorbtech CAT Unit Series, we ensure several advantages to you:

Our standard supply of compressed air is as per ISO:8573 Class 1 air quality standards.

All customizations and parameters can be met as per your requirement.

Some Of Our Current Leasing Applications:

Industry: Automotive
Application: Pneumatic grinding, actuation and control
Capacity: 3500 cfm

Industry: Food & Beverage
Application: Sorting machines, pneumatic requirement of entire plant
Capacity: 4500 cfm

Industry: Engineering works
Application: CNC, VMC, CMM, Powder coating
Capicity: 3200 cfm

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