Globally compliant

Extended warranty on ZMS

No outside vendors

State of the Art Safety Measures

USA: United States Pharmacopeia (USP) XXII Oxygen 93% Monograph

HTM #02-01 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

IP 2010

ISO 10083 : 2006

Be In Total Control of Your Oxygen Gas Supply

Gas Generation Process


Adsorbtech PSA Oxygen Gas Generator employs a compressor followed by a Compressed Air Treatment ‘CAT’ Unit. The Adsorbtech CAT completes the first crucial step – generating clean, dry compressed air


Followed by the ‘CAT’ is the PSA Module. PSA Module consists of two Adsorption Towers interconnected with a set of auto operating valves. Each PSA tower contains specialized grade of Zeolite Molecular Sieves (ZMS) that adsorbs nitrogen molecules from compressed air. Now the PSA Tower is rich with pure Oxygen gas. The gas generating PSA Tower releases medical grade Oxygen gas to the Surge Tank.


While one tower vessel is in adsorption (Oxygen generation) cycle, the other is auto regenerating by depressurizing to the atmosphere, discharging the Nitrogen molecules. This regenerates the ZMS to adsorb Oxygen again. When the first vessel is saturated, the process direction is reversed.



Consistent purity, uninterrupted gas supply


Quality Control

Built for 24*7*35 operation



Online gas analyser, dew point, monitoring


Fully Automatic

In case of breakdown/maintenance etc


Medical Oxygen

Glass Industry: Glass Blowing

Paper and Pulp Industry: Oxy Bleaching

Fish Farming

Brazing Application

Lamp/CFL Industry

Ozone Generation

Metal: Cutting, Welding, Brazing

Product Specifications

Capacity 1 to 60 Nm3/Hr 18 to 206 Cylinders/day 17 to 1000 LPM
Oxygen Purity 93 +/- 3%
Operating Pressure 3.5 to 4 Bar
Product gas output pressure 3.5 to 150 Bar (with oxygen filling system)
Filtration Level Particulate (less than 5 ppm)
Oil (0.01 mg/m3)
Bacteria (less than 0.1 micron)

Standardized Model Specifications

Model Capacity(nM3/Hr) Capacity(LPM) Equivalent Daily Cylinder capacity
PSA - O2 - 5 5 83 17
PSA - O2 - 10 10 167 34
PSA - O2 - 15 15 250 50
PSA - O2 - 20 20 333 68
PSA - O2 - 30 30 500 100
PSA - O2 - 40 40 667 135
PSA - O2 - 50 50 883 170
PSA - O2 - 60 60 1000 205

Frequently Asked Question

Indian Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia, British HTM, US FDA standards all permit medical gas produced using the PSA process to be utilized in hospitals and medical facilities.

Oxygen is a highly combustible gas and can cause instant fire hazards. Adsorbtech designs ensure highest safety measures are enforced to avoid oxygen gas leak from the equipment. User is advised to maintain the gas plant room with all necessary firefighting equipment.

Cylinder Oxygen/ Liquid Oxygen costs can be subject to huge variations during medical incidents (pandemic, epidemic) ; gas cylinder prices are subject to multi-fold inflation in such times. However, a PSA Oxygen plant will have fixed input cost i.e. power consumption. Average generation cost of Oxygen gas can be estimated at Rs. 10/Nm3 (Rs. 10 / 1000L). PSA generation also eliminates, or reduces, the cost of labour required to handle the volatile oxygen cylinders. Apart from finances, the most significant advantage is of the complete control the customer gains with On-Site Gas Generation. Additional advantage of lesser space requirement must also be factored into the economic advantages of On-site PSA oxygen gas generation.

The Adsorbtech PSA Oxygen Generator Series is designed and built to provide consistent gas supply to the user. However, power outages or maintenance activities can limit supply for a short period. Keeping oxygen cylinders may help avoid unwanted circumstances.

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