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Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) is a dry, reducing gas which is oxygen-free and has a low dew point. Ammonia (NH3) is composed of 75% Hydrogen (H2) and 25% Nitrogen (N2), by volume. These properties make it a widely used gas in several industrial applications and processes.

Ammonia gas can be ‘cracked’ or split into Nitrogen (n2) and Hydrogen (h2) in 1:3 ratio by volume. Cracking Ammonia gas is a most economical and practical way of generating pure Nitrogen and Hydrogen gases.

The Adsorbtech Ammonia Cracking Furnace does exactly the above by splitting the Ammonia molecule by passing the gas through high temperatures in the presence of specialized catalysts.

The N2:H2 gas mixture obtained is a robust gas, widely used for Heat Treatment, Bright Annealing, Galvanizing, Brazing, Stainless Steel Treatment, Sintering, Pipe Manufacturing to name a few.

Dissociation or cracking of Ammonia inside the Furnace takes place at a temperature of 900ºC (industry standard) aided with a Nickel (Ni) based catalyst for faster reaction.

With two decades of research and experience, we at Adsorbtech manufacture the Ammonia Cracking Furnace to meet your exact specifications. At Adsorbtech, we have designed the Furnace to ‘crack’ Ammonia at a lower temperature, thus elevating our customer’s satisfaction and power savings.

The Furnace is designed to deliver both - Pure Hydrogen gas (≥99%) and mixture gas (75% Hydrogen, 25% Nitrogen) - as per your application.
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The Adsorbtech Ammonia Dissociator has a startup time of only 50 minutes. This means increased production uptime, decreased power consumption and ultimate efficiency for you.
Contact Us to know more about our Industry first 2-In-1 Ammonia Cracking Furnace: 50% savings on capital with 200% returns.


Heat Recovery Mode


2-In-1 Furnace


15% Lower Power Cost


Space-Saving Design

Technical Specifications Of CMS Series Nitrogen Gas Generator

Safety First

Skin temperature ambient + 10ºC

Dynamic Heat Recovery Unit

20% reduced power consumption

99.9999% Ammonia Utilization

Using simple engineering

Automatic Operation

Cut down manpower and accidents


For increased uptime

50 Minutes Only

Achieve operating temperature

Working of Adsorbtech Ammonia Cracking Furnace

The equipment comprises multiple segments to deliver consistent flow, purity and pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vapour ammonia from the cylinder source is transferred to the Furnace at regulated pressure.
The Adsorbtech Gas Train is equipped with best-of-class pressure regulating valves, automation and alarm systems to ensure consistent feeding of Ammonia to the furnace.

Although Ammonia is virtually impure at source, it does contain particulate matter. Specialized gas filters are added after the Gas Train to avoid efficiency losses and pressure drop.

By employing simple engineering, the Adsorbtech HRU pre-heats the cold Ammonia gas before it enters the Furnace for heating. The pre-heating process does not require any electricity/fuel, thus increasing efficiencies and reducing power costs.

This equipment cracks or disintegrates Ammonia gas (NH3) into its constituents of Nitrogen (N2) and Hydrogen (H2) in the ratio of 1:3. Cold Ammonia enters the Furnace and is heated to a temperature of < 850ºC for cracking. Major parts of the Adsorbtech Furnace are:

  1. Electrical heated elements to attain cracking temperature.
  2. Centrifugally cast Furnace Pot that holds Nickel (Ni) Catalyst that speeds up Ammonia dissociation.
  3. Patented insulating fibres to reduce heating cost.

Built with supreme design quality, Adsorbtech Furnaces deliver lower power consumption compared to standard furnaces.

Safety First : To avoid accidents, Adsorbtech furnaces are designed to achieve a skin temperature of only +10 ºC from the ambient temperature.

To further improve the cracked Ammonia quality, a twin-tower gas purifying unit is employed downstream of the Furnace. Residual traces of uncracked Ammonia gas and vapour moisture are sieved out of the mixture N2:H2 gas at this stage. It is a most recommended part of the Furnace for all processes where dew point control plays a critical part.
Convert the Adsorbtech Ammonia Cracking Furnace into Adsorbtech Hydrogen Gas System.
The balance 25% Nitrogen gas in the N2-H2 gas mixture obtained by cracking ammonia can be eliminated to attain pure Hydrogen gas.
This can be done by employing the Adsorbtech Hydrogen Gas Module – A PSA technology based twin-tower System that ‘sieves’ out or separates the Nitrogen gas molecules by employing specific Zeolite Molecular Sieves (ZMS).
ZMS traps the Nitrogen gas molecules during their working cycle and allows pure Hydrogen gas to pass from the Hydrogen Gas Module and towards your process.
This is the most economical and fail-proof process for Hydrogen gas generation.

Working of Adsorbtech Ammonia Cracking Furnace

The Adsorbtech Ammonia Cracking Furnace and Hydrogen Gas System have a high turndown ratio, low power consumption. We specialise in ready-to-install units that are pre-commissioned to give you maximum uptime.

Add Ons for Ammonia Dissociator & Hydrogen Gas System

2 in 1 Furnace

Unique Feature : Call us to know more

Standby 1+1 Equipment

No additional space needed

Gas Purifier


HMI & PLC Operation

For Industry 4.0 Automation

Experience Superb Engineering with Adsorbtech Cracking Furnace

Ammonia Dissociator & Hydrogen Gas Generator Technical Specifications

Gas Composition Ammonia Dissociat With Gas Purifier Hydrogen Gas System With Gas Purifier
Nitrogen 25% Upto 0.001%
Oxygen Nil Nil
Hydrogen 75% 99.999%
Pressure 0.05 to 7 kg/cm2g 0.05 to 7 kg/cm2 2 to 60 kg/cm2g 0.05 to 7 kg/cm
Dew Point (-) 65 to (-) 74℃ (-) 75℃ to (-) 82 (-) 65 to (-) 80℃
Uncracked Ammonia Less than 3 ppm Less than 3 ppm

Choose from our standard range or Contact Us for a tailor-made Solution.

Utility Consumption Of Standard Models

Cracked Ammonia capacity (Nm3/Hr) Ammonia Consumption (Kg/Hr) Power Consumption (Kw/Hr) ??? ???
Dew Point
Uncracked Ammonia


Our expertise and deep understanding of the applications for gases has led to the safe, aesthetic and efficient development of the Hydrogen Series.

We are the most trusted choice for several applications, processes and industries.

Continuous Sintering Furnace

Continuous Galvanizing & Annealing Lines

Sealed Quench Furnace (SQF)

Powder Metallurgy

Vacuum Hardening / Vacuum furnace

Bright Annealing

Brazing (Copper / Brass)

Synthetic Fibre



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